Pet Portraits

Commission a portrait of your friend

As an artist, I believe that portraits are one of the most profound forms of art. They are not only important but deeply personal, carrying a special responsibility for the artist. A portrait must accurately capture the likeness of the subject, but it also needs to convey emotion and tell a story. When done well, it creates an emotional connection that resonates with the viewer.

For your portrait I will dedicate myself to achieving both a true likeness and that expressive feeling that hopefully creates a lasting bond with you and the artwork.

How to commission a portrait

Simply reach out to me via the email provided below. We can discuss all the details to ensure your vision is brought to life.

To get started, I’ll need a clear image or multiple images to work from. We will also decide on the painting’s size and background to best suit your needs. Once these specifics are settled, I can begin the work. For your convenience and security, invoicing will be handled through PayPal.

Typical Painting sizes and pricing

SMALL: 8in x 10in – $250

MEDIUM: 16in x 20in – $350

LARGE: 18in x 24in – $500

VERY LARGE: 30in x 40in – $800

These are standard sizes and are easy to frame. If you need another size we can discuss.

*This pricing does not include shipping. And sales tax could apply depending on where it is shipped to. We will discuss the complete cost when you contact me.

My portraits are oil on canvas or panel. I only use professional artist quality oil paints and professional archival quality canvas and panels for my work.

Ready to Get started?

Send me an email with a photo and the size you’d like for your painting, or reach out if you need more information. You can use the button below, click the CONTACT link at the top or bottom of the page, or simply click HERE.